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We, at MerchKart, usually print on order. So once we get an order, we send our merchant the print request. Thus it can take anywhere from 5-10 working days.

We use DTG (direct-to-garment) printer for the majority of our clothing and accessories printing including Full-color prints on T-Shirts. First T-shirts are mounted on a plate and then placed in the printer bed for pre-treatment. For Dark-colored T-shirts, we lay down a white-layered base where images are to be printed. It is, later on, flash dried to enhance the color and it is heated to make sure it is enured wash and doesn’t lose its texture, color, print on repeated wear.

No, the customer has to bear the shipment cost, but if you’re doing bulk order or any order with more than 5 items, we make shipping free.

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We usually post it via CanadaPost but in case if you want to pay more for immediate shipment, we can also take alternative shipping solution into consideration.

Yes, We take the guarantee of the printing and quality of the fabric. In case if you have any issues with size, we can also consider the return free of cost.

You can cancel your order by logging into the account and then go to Orders and cancel it or you can mail us at



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