In the world where the credibility of the individual is inevitably linked to their followers’ count (unfortunate though) and the brand value is directly proportional to their online reach. It is important for social media influencers to stand out among their peers and not end up being just another brick in the wall.

So we compiled tips that are obvious and can’t be overlooked or ignored by the influencer of any level. These tips fall more in the mandatory category than the growth hacking phase.

Unique Username/Channel Name

First and foremost, be creative while creating your social media profile. Do remember the username will eventually become a brand so make sure that it’s not obscene, easy to recognize yet unique, and could be related to your work.

Be crisp yet descriptive in Bio/Description/Details

The most challenging part is to write about yourself and describe your content. You want to be innovative, funny, brief yet try to keep it compact and catchy. Fill all the fields when it comes to creating a profile. Try avoiding putting heavy and overused keywords.

Have a Cross-Platform Presence

One of the rookie mistakes which most of the social influencers make during their nascent stage is that they focus so much on one platform that they have a minimal presence or ignore the other social media platforms. Leverage each social platform to their best. Example, you might be a decent YouTuber but make sure to have a profile on twitter so that your fans could have an opinion about you, Instagram for more accessibility to the audience via direct messages, FB for more wider reach. Don’t limit to social media itself, create your website and also post blogs more often than not.

Use Hashtags Smartly

Hashtags are one of the most abused social media element yet it still holds the significance. Make sure to not exploit the hashtag. Find those hashtags that are most relevant to your content. Also, create a unique hashtag for your brand or fan army as soon as possible, don’t keep it to the later stage. Avoid overused and mainstream hashtags as it leads to the content expiry too soon. Work on your hashtag game and keep evolving and don’t go full wannabe with it.

Participate in the Latest Trends

"Make hay while the sun shines"

It may sound cliché and noob to an extent but the discovery of content is very necessary. Do remember trends don’t last long, so it’s very important to act and join the bandwagon as soon as possible. Try to bring your uniqueness to the trend, don’t copy the herd mentality.

Engage with the Fellow Influencer’s Content

One of the most underrated ways to gain followers and to increase your social quotient is engaging, partnering, featuring with your fellow influencer’s content. Usually, each fan-army of an influencer admire when their peer acknowledges the content and in return, they bestow their love by following your content as well.

Track Analytics

Data is the name of the game. There’s no big supporter and guide than your analytics. Make sure to make the best of the analytics. Track each and every performance meter. Analyze and compare each and every point of the posts. Note down the key metrics and try to find the pattern between post and content. Compare posts that worked and ones that didn’t click with the audience and try to deduce the relationship between it. Don’t compromise your content, but adaptive and compatible enough to update your content what the audience demands.

Create Merchandise

It’s quite important for influencers to find alternative revenue streams and there’s nothing better than making money while expanding your brand. Remember Merchandise not only create moolah but also brings a sense of belonging and attachment to your fan-base. They feel more connected thus increasing your royalty. We at MerchKart, help influencers at each and every stage in creating and establishing their brand and bring a unique identity to them. Disclaimer, we are not just another T-shirt printing company, we engage with our influencer’s at more personal basis, thus brands can stand out from the herd. If you’re an influencer and planning to open merchandising as your new revenue stream, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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