Are you an influencer? Looking to grow your online presence? If yes, then partnering with MerchKart could be a great decision for monetizing your social presence. Canada has always produced great talents, from musicians to actors, artists to comedians. It has managed to create a nice eco-system to cultivate the talent, nurture it and then let it bloom. A lot of initiatives have been taken in the past to recognize the talent as early as possible and invest into them. As a result, recently Canada has also witnessed the boom of quality online content creators.

In the age to social media trends and at a time when social media influencers are having the equally massive reach, there’s hardly any guide to evaluate their success and create the best possible roadmap for them so that they get the mutual return in monetary terms in accordance to the level of effort they put into it. It’s still difficult for them to make the most of their massive following. Brands want to get associated with them but the terms are set by the brands as a result often times they have to compromise with the content. It’s not limited to the monopoly of the brands in terms of dictating their preference, the influencers have little and no-say when it comes to the compensation either as there’s no standardization maintained by the industry yet. 

MerchKart created with the ambition to assist influencers during their growth trajectory. MerchKart enables the influencers to be at the upfront and concentrate on what they do best i.e. create quality content and entertain their followers. We don’t want the influencers to compromise their content and open one more robust and sustainable revenue model for them. We collaborate with the influencers and understand their content and the commitment of their fan-army.

MerchKart is not just another merchandise printing company. We work closely with our influencers and build a “brand” with them. We curate the entire product line with them, cause no two influencers have got similar fan-base, thus their fans should not get the same merch either. We start from scratch, from creating the logos for them, to create the inventory and omnichannel brand for them.

We brainstorm with the influencers their brand positioning and their brand’s outlook and also ways to market it in the most optimal way. Our association with the influencers is not limited to printing designs on materials, it’s more personal and deep-rooted as the road to success is mutual.

So, if you’re an influencer or want to explore the field, do drop us a mail at or call us at +1 (437) 988-4284, and will connect to you as soon as possible.

We are based out of Toronto and work primarily with the influencers in the region but soon we’ll be coming to other cities of Canada as well.